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A wiki that anyone can edit, about characters that are villains from comics, movies, games, tv shows, and literature. At Super Villain Wiki we think all villains are super! if you love the bad guys like we do be sure to help out.

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Feel free to add a page on all your favorite bad guys! From movies, tv shows, comics, literature, games, and more! Just a few rules: No fanfiction, no memes, the slender man is a exception to the rule no real life villains (You can do fictionalized versions of real life villains as long as the fictional depiction is not to close to the real life person--example, Idi Amin from the The Last King of Scotland is fine but Hitler from the movie Downfall is not as he is to similar to the real Adolf Hitler) and lastly characters like Lois from Malcolm in the Middle are not true "villains".