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The Kandyman was a pathological, psychopathic, robotic killer, from the tv show dr who employed as an executioner by the egocentric Helen A. It delighted in creating torture and destruction with confectionery. One of its favourite methods was drowning people in pipes filled with its "Fondant Surprise", a thick solution composed of boiling liquid candy.

It was a sadistic executioner with a very warped sense of humour, speaking with a squeaky, almost child-like metallic voice and producing a variety of deadly sweets to suit its role of execution for sadness. These sweets were supposed to be so delicious humans were unable to cope with the pleasure, overloading their senses and killing them. The Kandyman claimed most of its victims in this manner — "with smiles on their faces" — but it was perfectly happy to throttle them if they refused to co-operate.

Its external shell composed of recognisable sweets like liquorice, sherbet, marzipan and caramel. Kandyman was created by Gilbert M, with whom it shared an almost symbiotic relationship. (TV: The Happiness Patrol)

The Kandyman was tasteful killer but ruthless. The Doctor discovered that he could be stuck to the floor with lemonade